Delegates from legislative council of Gedarif, Sudan have gained practical and significant experience visit to the Amhara regional state.

31/07/2017(amma)The delegates also appreciated the way Ethiopians preserve history and treasures.

Ethiopia and Sudan have got multidimensional relations in common security and health issues, cultural exchange, in combating illegal human trafficking, illegal transactions and in fighting against terrorism. To strengthen the bilateral relation among the two nations, governments of both sides have been working together for many years.

Unlike the previous relation, under the authority of the federal government the Amhara National Regional State has been undertaking the relation with its immediate neighboring states of Sudan. Currently delegates have come from Gedarif state to share the experience of the regional council.

The delegates are 20 in number and drawn from legislative council of Gedarif state. The main objective of their presence is to see the organization, structure and execution of the regional council.

Apart from the experience sharing, they have visited imperial palace of Emperor Fasiledus, Bahir Dar International Stadium, Bezawit Hill Top, Amhara Pipe Factory and also they have a boat trip on Lake Tana.

During their visit, most of them remarked that Ethiopia is a historical country and their people are good at preserving their treasures. Secretary General of the Legislative council of Gedarif state, Casm Elsad Hassan stated that he was very much delighted by the welcoming of the people, the experience he get from the regional council execution and most importantly by his visit.

Spokes person of Gedarif state Council, Mohamed Abdela Ali Almedi, on his part expressed that they are very much pleased for coming and they will work thoroughly on their side to strengthen the long-lived relation between them. Mr. Mohamed also stated that an international market is going to be established in Gedarif, and Ethiopia will be beneficiary out of it.

After having four days experience sharing stay in the region the delegates have gone back to Gedarif yesterday.

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